Data protection

The website PRAGUEGHOTELSONLINE.EU is a product of the company / travel agency Style travel agency spol. s r.o., ID CZ26434491, Zabehlicka 1784/28, 106 00 Praha 10, CZ (hereinafter STYLE).

STYLE collects and saves:
  • Necessary data for the process of booking
  • Necessary data for the correct providing of the booked services
  • Data for newsletter mailing

These are following data: Name and family name, e-mail address(es), eventually phone number. Further data are needed by the independent payment portal GP webpay*.

STYLE has no access to the data from your CC / your account, because the payment communication proceeds between you over GP webpay directly to the bank and back. So there is no danger of loosing the data from the server of STYLE.
As well STYLE has no access to the further data inserted by you during the payment.

According to the czech law STYLE ensures, that your data will be used exclusively for ordinary proceeding your bookings and for own advertising via e-mail (newsletter).
Your data can be given to the third parties, if this is needed for ordinary proceeding your booking (as f.e. to the hotel, contact name for the tour guide, reservation at the restaurant etc.). The third parties are supposed to respect your data to be confidential.
According to czech law, STYLE is obliged to provide the state authorities on request with your data (court, police, financial authority etc.)

The databases of STYLE are saved on the high secured server and they are accessable for the webmaster and our staff only. All authorised persons are obliged to work with the data according to the Privacy Policy and all connected rules of law.

About GP webpay: This is a worldwide known internet payment portal, putting the accent on secure communication and more-ways authorisation controll of the payment. It is using the secure SSL communication way to the client's browser, which can't be observed or infected from outside. The verification of your CC and of the payment runs in the 3D SECURE system, which ensures that the payment transfer takes part only with a full authorisation of the CC.
The server is steadily under strong watch of firewall and it is as well intensively controlled by spyware and antivirus software. All the security software is regularly upgraded and actualised.